NaNo Day 28: Forever Go Blue

I spent today at the last football game of my senior year.

We lost. (By a lot.) And it was COOOLD. But I also had fun with my friends and participating in all the weird traditions of the student section and just finding myself surrounded by that many of my fellow Wolverines.

This was my first year getting season tickets for football. Actually, before this the only time I’d actually attended a regular game was junior year, because I was singing at halftime with the university choirs.

I don’t like football. It’s probably my least favorite mainstream sport. (Even in high school, I generally only attended homecoming every year.) So with that in mind, I don’t really regret not going to more games before this season. It was always really nice getting a break from everyone in the dorms on game day to write and watch TV in peace.

But I am surprisingly glad that I got the season tickets this year.

Because going to the football games every couple weeks was a reminder that I’m part of something bigger, here. There are so many students at this university, and we all are studying different things, and most of us will never have a chance to meet, let alone get to know one another. But when we’re all crushed together in the student section, cheering or singing (or booing) together, we do at least have that in common.

And now I’m back at the apartment and I just ate a crapload of carbs and Hannah and I are watching Dirty Dancing on TV. (So, one might say that with this season’s football games I’ve had the time of my life.) (Eh? Eh?) (I’ll see myself out.)

Anyway: No writing scheduled for today, because of the game. But I might slip in a couple hundred words, since I’m running a virtual write-in for Ch1Con right now. (Come join us, if you’re a young writer and see this before 10 PM EST!)

Goal for Today: 0
Overall Goal: 47,000
Current Word Count: 47,352