Busy, Busy, Busy: A Tale of Excuses

Hey there! I’m sorry I haven’t bee posting as much since this semester began, but things have been crazy. One of my classes is ending in the next couple weeks, because it’s a mini course, so hopefully that’ll free up a little more of my time, but what time it does free up will probably have to go towards school work, because I’ve been falling ridiculously behind (especially in my science classes) (because science).

I’m sorry the blog isn’t seeing as much love as it usually does, but as of now, Wordy Wednesdays should continue as scheduled, and hopefully soon life will magically calm down enough for me to start posting other things again too. Because I really miss talking to you.

Thanks for sticking with me. Love you!




This is a Book Too is HERE

Mel and I have started posting chapters of This is a Book Too–the sequel to our crazy, genre-less blog novel This is a Book from last year–and we are SO PSYCHED to be back in the game.

Like last time, we’ll be posting two chapters weekly (pending those petty real life distractions like “exams” and “work” and “sleeping”). Mel’s chapters, from pirate-ghost-zombie Rose’s perspective, will go up on Sundays. My chapters, from on-the-run assassin Mary’s perspective, will go up on Fridays (which means that–that’s right–the very first Mary chapter will be going up TOMORROW, Friday, January 24th, 2014).

You can read This is a Book Too (and its predecessor) on the official This is a Book series blog at thisisabookthebook.wordpress.com

Let the adventures, cliffhangers, and plot twists begin!