NaNo Day 28: We Are the Champions

After a hard day, yesterday, of procrastinating via means of pumpkin pie, Catching Fire in IMAX, and planning vacation trips, GUESS WHO HIT FIFTY THOUSAND WORDS IN NANOWRIMO, RIGHT ON SCHEDULE.



YOU MAY ALL NOW REVEL IN MY GLORY. (Just kidding. I’m just glad to be done.)

Fifty Thousand Words Baby

I hit 50k at around 12:05 AM. SO CLOSE to officially finishing on the 27th. I’m counting it.

I wrote just under 5k yesterday. I still need to complete the scene I’m in the middle of before I’m officially done-done for the month, because I’m banning myself from writing any more until after finals (and taking a week and a half off looks pretty much identical to me completely forgetting what I was doing)–but then I’m dooone! Despite all the struggle this year has been, I actually did it. That makes six years in a row of competing in NaNoWriMo, complete.

How’s your NaNo going? Do you think you’ll hit your word count goal by the end of the month? (If yes, GOOD FOR YOU. KICK IT INTO HIGH GEAR. YOU CAN DO IT. WHOOHOOOOO!) (If not, five points to you just for trying, because honestly, that’s half the struggle.)


day 28