Editing, Why Art Thou Cruel?

I bite my thumb at you, Editing. I bite my thumb at you.

I really hate how you’ll look at your novel and go, “Oh my goodness, this is perfect!” and have a little party with yourself or whatever, and then you send it off to your friends to edit, and they send it back with all those friendly red marks all over it, and you’re like:

… And the worst part is that your friends are right about all those friendly red marks that are so prevalent, it looks like your manuscript was just attacked by an ax murderer.

How in the world did I miss all of that? Like, really, these things should have been obvious! (Kind of like how I just learned this past week that there’s a difference between Past Perfect Tense and Passive Voice. How did I not know that?)

So now I’m desperately going through edits and revisions of my novel in hopes that it’ll be ready to go (again) by the time we leave for the Writer’s Digest Conference in a couple of weeks, and I’m kind of freaking out that it won’t be ready on time, and yeah.

Deep breaths, Julia. Deep breaths.

At least these edits have less to do with your-plotline-sucks and you-need-to-completely-rewrite-this as much as you-don’t-know-how-to-use-Past-Perfect-Tense (which is the majority of them). But I am still freaking out because my mom and I have gone through this novel a thousand and one times ourselves and never caught these things.

Anybody have any interesting revising stories or tips? I’m all ears. 🙂


Wordy Wednesday (“Dreamcatcher” Excerpt)

My dog Sammy’s currently snoring away on one side of my room while I attempt to do my homework (blargh) on the other, and I’m really, really jealous of her. Just thought I’d share that.

In other news, here’s your Wordy Wednesday! This is the first draft of the beginning of the novel I’m currently writing, called Dreamcatcher.


      —– [Sorry! Taken down due to the novel now being in revisions!] —–


… Now, if you could please excuse me while I go back to counting down the days ’til the weekend, I would be much obliged. 😉