NaNo Day 20: Being a Teenager [TCWT Blog Chain]

So, today I’m participating in the Teens Can Write, Too! November blog chain.

Prompt: Use pictures and individual words to show what, to you, is the essence of being a teenager.” 

Because I’m defining what being a teen is like specifically to me, I’m using all my own pictures. So bear with me if/when I edit out some things for the sake of privacy.




We Are Awesome



Katniss Costume

Narnia and EnglandJK Rowling Autograph



Finding My Rhythm

OneRepublic Concert





Blogging at BookCon

Write It



New Buffalo

Crown Fountain at Night


Moving Forward


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I’m seeing Mockingjay Part 1 at 11:00 PM, so SIX AND A HALF HOURS!!! (I’ve heard such mixed reviews, but you can’t make me not excited for a Hunger Games movie.)

No writing planned for today because of classes and movie!

Goal for today: 0 + Wednesday’s leftover 2,000 + Monday’s 2,000 + Sunday’s 1,000

Overall goal: 38,000.

Current word count: 36,123


NaNo Day 10: Ch1Con Indiegogo!

Ch1Con Badge 2014 [Matted]It’s live! Help us fund the 2015 Chapter One Young Writers Conference and make teen writers’ dreams come true! (Also mine. Just saying.)

You can find our Indiegogo campaign here.

Ummm. Okay. Let’s see. What else for today?

I’ve got a mound of homework to do. (I ended up falling asleep before I could get started on it last night.)

I’ve got classes to attend. (Yay weekdays.)

And 2K in NaNo to write. (Plus 500 words left over from yesterday’s 1K, because Once Upon a Time was more distracting than expected. By which I mean the special effects were even more terrible than expected. By which I mean: Yay. Once Upon a Time.)

So yeah. That’s what I’ve got on my plate today.

Goal for today: 2,000 + yesterday’s 500 = 2,500.

Overall goal: 19,000.

Current word count: 19,046.

How’s NaNo going for you? Real life getting in the way yet?